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Top 3 Website Tips for Small-Medium Sized Firms

Sapien IT Website AuditA good website generates plenty of new leads for the business. It explains what you do, ideally looks good, its easy to update and its inexpensive. The ownership of a good website should be seen as a journey and not a destination. Here are three top tips for small to medium sized firms for a marketing website:-

  • Take Control
  • Lead Generation
  • Measure Google Search Position

Take Control

Lead generation should be the number one purpose of the website. However in order to maximise lead generation, it is important to be able to easily evolve the website over time. Editing the website should be easy and inexpensive. It should be easy to add and edit pages, content, media and news. A website built on a web platform like WordPress with a modern (2012) theme like U-Design makes this very easy to do for non-technical staff.

Lead Generation

With editorial control of your website, it is possible to focus effectively on lead generation. The website should generate its own leads and support the other marketing activities such as: PR, networking, mailshots, advertising and social media. The visitor experience should be easy and it should be simple to make contact (telephone, email, contact form) from the website. Criteria such as ‘new visits’ and ‘goal completions’ (for instance completed contact forms) should be measurable – using services like Google Analytics. Suitable measurement of these criteria then drives changes to the website and helps decision making on the other marketing activities.

Measure Google Search Position

The Google Search Position correlates with lead generation and indicates a measure of the company’s website performance and other marketing activities. The website performance is a mixture of keyword usage, content, SEO, tuning into the potential client perspective and other marketing activities. A goal should be to improve the Google Search Position overtime.

To measure the Google Search Position:-

  • Conduct a Google search using the most relevant search terms used by prospective clients (i.e. ‘accountant in Cottenham’, ‘sheet metal manufacturer in Cambridgeshire’, ‘bespoke automation services in UK’)
  • Where does the website appear in the Google search results (bottom of page 1, for instance, is position 10)
  • A simple way to calculate this is manually – run a Google search and go through the pages until you find your website. If you are on the top five to ten pages, this is practical. If you are outside this range, you are too far down the rankings and that in itself is a message.
  • There are some online tools you can turn to help provide a Google Position (both free and paid for) less manually. However they can be a little hit or miss (often because Google prefers to inhibit them). We include a several here which may still be running when you read this: googlepositionchecker  or googlepostion  or yellowcirclepostionchecker.

Finally at Sapien IT we specialise in cloud based IT solutions for small to medium size businesses. We also provide website performance audits. Alternatively contact us to discuss any of your website or cloud based IT needs.