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Top 5 WordPress Plugins

Sapien IT build business IT websites using WordPress.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins

We recommend WordPress as a tool of choice for bringing up professional and great looking websites at a fraction of the cost of building a bespoke solution.

There are thousands of free plugins for WordPress that give your site additional features.

Below are our top 5 WordPress plugins that  we include with all websites that we build using WordPress.

1. WordPress SEO

This WordPress plugin was formerly known as Yoast.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and the WordPress SEO plugin is the best way to ensure that your site is as search engine friendly as possible.  Click here to visit the plugin home page.

2. Testimonials Widgit

Potential customers always want to  hear what your customers are saying about your business  and the Testimonials Widgit WordPress plugin allows you to easily record customer feedback and present on your website in different ways.

3. Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

Google maps is a great way to show potential customers where you are located.  The Comprehensive Google Map Plugin makes it easy to add a map to your WordPress website.

4. Twitter for WordPress

Twitter is a great way to share short updates with your customers and anyone else who wants to listen.  The Twitter for WordPress plugin is a very easy way to add your latest tweets to your WordPress website.

5. Contact Form 7

Adding forms to your website ensures you can capture sensible information from potential customers using your website.  The Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin makes it very easy to add simple and complex forms to your website for free.  There are two other free WordPress plugins that add some other great functionality to Contact Form 7:

  • Contact form to DB Extensionthis WordPress plugin works alongside the Contact form 7 WordPress plugin to save form submissions to the WordPress database so you can review who has been submitting forms on your website.
  • Really Simple CAPTCHAthis WordPress plugin works alongside the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin to provide a CAPTHA facility which stops spammers from submitting spam through forms on your website.

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