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Private Clouds

Picyure of Synology NAS device

Private Clouds are being used to reduce concerns over where data is stored and who has access to the data.  Recent news regarding the “Prism Internet Surveillance” has increased interest in private clouds.

What are Private Clouds?

A private cloud allows you to have complete visibility and peace of mind that you have complete control over the location of your data whilst having the benefits of cloud computing.

We have been using Synology NAS devices to provide redundant in-house data storage.  The Synology device comes with a whole host of features and also a great deal of ways of accessing your data whilst in or out of the office.  It also offers a feature called “Cloud station” which is a Dropbox like facility to automatically syncronise your files when out of the office.  Mobile device access is also provided through iPad / iPhone and Android applications.

How is a Private Cloud setup?

For customers that already have an IT Support agreement with us, we can provide the service under that agreement.  For customers that do not have an IT support agreement, we can work on an ad-hoc basis.

The process is fairly straightforward:

  • Understand how much data storage space is required.
  • Identify users and what access levels are required to different data.
  • Understand what access is required outside of the office.
  • Discuss data backup solutions.
  • Agree and document a switch over plan.
  • Switch over and send instructions to users to get up and running with the device.

For access outside the office, it is recommended that a static IP address is available and also the ability to create a DNS entry that points to the device to make it easier for users to access.  We will also require access to your router so we can open the required ports.

A typical setup takes around 6-8 hours effort over a two week period as quite often companies take the  opportunity to reorganise their files and review access permissions.

Once setup, we can handover support to your existing IT Support company or discuss support options going forward.

Private clouds are completely compatible with all our other public cloud offerings such as Exchange email and VoIP Telephony.