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What level of IT Support is right for your business?

Sapien IT provide business IT support and cloud services to companies in Cambridge and London.Depending on your type of business, you will need different levels of IT support.  Below are some factors to think about when deciding on the level of IT support you might need for your business:

Break Fix

You have a problem and you want someone to just come in and get you up and running again.  For this to work, most IT support companies will want some information from you to help resolve the problem as quickly as possible.  For example:

  1. What is the exact nature of the problem?
  2. Has it happened before, Is it stopping your business?
  3. Is there a workaround?
  4. Do you have passwords for any websites / systems that will need to be accessed as someone troubleshoots the issue?

All this will help the IT support company resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

At Sapien IT, we adopt an approach which looks to get you working ASAP.  This not only ensures that your business is functioning, it de-stresses the situation which usually means that people can get to the root cause of the issue faster.  Finding out what caused the issue is important so that you are aware if it may occur again and also to help understand what it might take to fix the issue completely.

Maintenance – IT support contract

Quite often IT support companies talk about an IT support contract where you pay a monthly fee so that your systems are looked after.  Initially, this may sound attractive as it gives you peace of mind that everything will be OK   Our experience of IT support contracts  is that the market rates for IT support contracts are not enough to give companies the level of support they are looking for.  We also believe that it lull’s people in to a false sense of security in that they are paying a monthly fee, therefore nothing will go wrong and even if it does, someone will be there immediately to fix the issue.  This is rarely the case and typically what happens is that you end up in break fix mode quite quickly.  It is also quite stressful as you thought you were paying for something when in fact it fails to deliver at a crucial moment.

At Sapien IT, we typically do not push for IT support contracts.  Instead we look to set things up so that they require very little ongoing IT support.  This leads to a simple set-up that has two benefits:

  1. You spend less time resolving IT support issues
  2. A simple set-up means that it’s easier to get help when you really do need it

When problems do occur, we go in to break fix mode to help you out.  If we find there are deeper problems, we will look to advise you on a course of action that will eradicate the IT support issue.

Virtual CTO

Rather than just being called in when you have an IT support issue, we ideally want to be involved with your business as it grows or changes. That way we can ensure the IT you have in place will support the way you want your business to work.  We think about how people will want to work, where they will want to work, your budget, how much data you have.  Additionally, legacy systems need to be taken in to consideration and most importantly we want to advise you on an IT solution that will not require lots of ongoing IT support.

About Sapien IT

Sapien IT provide business IT support and cloud services to companies in Cambridge and London.

Our cloud services cover email, file sharing, file backup, voip telephones and remote desktops.  Out IT support options are less clear as we look to work with the client on an IT support solutions that works for their business.