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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for IT Support CambridgeThis article discusses how Sapien IT have been performing search engine optimisation on their site to improve rankings for search terms such as IT Support Cambridge.

Sapien IT use WordPress for their website along with a number of plugins.  One of those plugins is called WordPress SEO by Yoast.  This plugin is a great tool to see how search engine friendly your pages are.  At a high level the plugin provides a simple traffic light of how search engines will favour your page.  Green – your doing well, Yellow – average and Red, needs some attention.

Further more,  the plugin recommends actions you can take to move your page from being red or yellow to green.  Using this tool, we have made 90% of Sapien IT’s pages Green over the last few months.  Below are some further details of our approach to optimising our sites pages for search engines.

IT Support Cambridge

The first think we thought about before we did anything was to think about what keywords or search terms we wanted people to be able to enter in to a search engine such as google and then find our website.  Given that Sapien IT are an IT Support company in Cambridge, one of our keywords was  “IT Support Cambridge”.

We also nominated 5 other keywords that we wanted to target.  You can have as many or as few as you like – your choice.

We then logged in a spreadsheet by date where we currently ranked in Google for those keywords.

Tracking Progress

We discovered that Google indexes our website on average every 4 days.  This meant that any changes we made would take approximately 4 days to affect our Google rankings.

For each change we made to the website, we noted what actions we had taken, then measured our search ranking in Google.  It was pleasing to see that by following the simple instructions outlined by the WordPress SEO plugin, our rankings went from no where in the first 10 pages to 1st page.  This was over a period of four weeks.

This kind of optimisation is known as organic SEO.  Essentially you change the site from within to help Google search your site.

Other things we did

We also did some non-organic optimisations which helped our ranking which was to post articles to well indexed sites so that links were found back to our site.  Additionally, we post regularly to twitter.  We also sent our recent blog posts to social media sites such as Twitter, Google +, Facebook and LinkedIn.

IT Support Cambridge – how are we doing now?

For all the keywords we targeted we are on the 1st page of google apart from IT Support Cambridge.  This is an extremely popular key phrase to target and we bounce between being on the first page to no-where within the first 10 pages.  We are not giving up and hope to be on the 1st page for Google for IT Support Cambridge in the next 2-3 weeks.