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Is it time for your business to ‘Think Lync’?

lync-business-logoMicrosoft Lync delivers unified communications for your organisation. Move beyond standard business email with enterprise-level instant messaging and virtual conferencing.

You could save up to 30% of your company’s daily time with Lync

Link your business communications.

With Microsoft Lync you can communicate quicker with customers and fellow employees.

  • Instant messaging — The fastest way to speak to colleagues and customers. Get instant responses. Create group chats for ad-hoc meetings and sharing information.
  • Conferencing — Create online meetings as easily as you already create offline ones. Use Outlook to set up the meeting, invite guests and check their availability. External invitees who don’t have Microsoft Lync installed can join the conference via the web. A virtual whiteboard means allows for creative input and the sharing of ideas from all participants.
  • Desktop sharing — Easily share your desktop with everyone in the same group chat / conference. Let them see exactly what you are working on, and allow individual people to control your desktop securely. When you don’t want to share your full desktop, application sharing lets you demonstrate just the apps you want.

We provide two levels of Lync service. Lync Essentials give you instant messaging and ad-hoc group chat abilities, Lync Classic gives you our full Lync package including conferencing, desktop sharing, and virtual whiteboard.

Already a Hosted Exchange customer? Simply contact us, or call +44 (0)1223 852 872 to add Lync to your account.

What are the benefits of Lync?

  • Remote working — Working out of the office doesn’t mean being out of the loop. Instant messaging and virtual conferences keeps remote workers up to date and fully involved in conversations.
  • Reduce email inbox overload — No more filling up inboxes with ‘quick questions’. Send an instant message, and get instant replies.
  • Quicker customer responses — Talking to a customer and need help from a fellow employee? Use Lync to ask a question and get the answer whilst the customer is still on the phone.
  • Reduce travel costs — Virtual conferences deliver big savings on travel costs, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Multi-platform — PC, Mac or web. Anyone can join in with a virtual conference.
  • Archive conversations — Use Outlook to store Lync conversations; creating a searchable archive for future reference.

Microsoft Lync provides the tools to create a vibrant online communications platform, and you can add Lync to your Microsoft Exchange email account quickly and easily.