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Hosted Exchange or Office 365

Sapien IT provide IT support to companies in CambridgeWe often get enquiries from people unsure whether Hosted Exchange or Office 365 is right for them and their organisation. The choice between the two depend on a customer’s business needs. Office 365 is designed for users who want a simple, online-only email and productivity suite. Hosted Exchange provides a richer productivity environment, with users able to choose the services right for them and maintain full control.

Comparing Hosted Exchange with Office 365

The table below compares the main features of our Hosted Exchange services and Office 365.

Hosted Exchange Office 365
Email Mix and match mailbox sizes to meet your needs. Our standard mailbox size is 25GB, with 1GB and unlimited options available. 25GB mailbox. No option for other sizes.
Outlook provided Outlook provided free on selected packages. No Outlook licence provided.
Self-management Yes, with a dedicated control panel for administrating user accounts. Yes, with a standard Office 365 interface.
Tech support Free UK support 24 x 7. Available on the phone during office hours and via email at other times Only high-end plans receive telephone support.
Email migration We can migrate your email over to Hosted Exchange from other systems, including Office 365. Users have to either migrate their existing email manually, or delete it and start with a blank inbox.
UK data storage All data is stored in UK facilities. Which may be a requirement in some industry sectors. Data is stored out of the UK. Potentially stopping some companies from using Office 365.
Archiving Advanced, 10 year unlimited archiving is available. Archives are not part of the users mailbox allowance. Archiving can activated on a mailbox. As standard the archive is part of the users 25GB mailbox allowance.
Spam and virus protection Spam filtering included, with advanced protection available. Yes, Microsoft's own spam filtering included.
Public Folders Yes, on Exchange 2007, and 2010 SP2. No Public Folders support.
Mobile and tablet sync ActiveSync provided free on all Hosted Exchange services. ActiveSync support included.
BlackBerry sync Both BES and ActiveSync supported. BES provided free with Exchange 2010. Only ActiveSync, on BlackBerry 10, is supported
Office support Use your existing Office apps. No need for users to learn a new app interface, or have to use a web browser. Office Web Apps included. Editing is done through a web browser, unless you have a compatible version of the desktop Office suite.
Unified Communications Yes, with Hosted Lync. Yes, with Lync Online.
Cloud storage Yes, with Hosted SharePoint. Yes, with SharePoint Online.
Maximum users Unlimited. Limited by which version of Office 365 taken.
Exchange upgrades You control when your company upgrades to a newer Exchange version. Upgrades are out of user control, with Microsoft deciding when users will migrate to newer Exchange versions.

Office 365 is designed as a complete package, which means it may not be suitable for your particular business. With Hosted Exchange you can choose which services to use and build a package that matches your communication needs.