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Help! My WordPress site has been HACKED

Sapien IT provide assistance if your wordpress website has been hacked

If you run a website using WordPress, then you will be aware that due to it’s popularity and ease of use, it’s also a target for hackers.

Sapien IT have been working with WordPress for over 5 years and have built up considerable experience and tools to assist with recovering a hacked WordPress website and advising customers on how to avoid being hacked in the future.  Common techniques we use to prevent hacking are:

  • Ensure servers are supported and patched regularly.
  • Ensure backups of websites are taken on a regular basis to an off-site location.  We usually recommend Amazon S3 for backup as it’s extremely easy to use.
  • Install WordPress plugins that prevent hackers from gaining access to your site in the first instance.
  • Install WordPress plugins that keep wordpress and it’s components up to date.
  • Activate website monitoring from different locations to ensure that your website is available and responding to requests.  Delayed response times are a good indicator of a site being hacked.

More advanced techniques we can use for analysing a website or server for hacking activity:

  • Rootkit tools on your server to see if it has been compromised.
  • Code analysis of your wordpress installation to check for typical hacker techniques.

If we believe that your server or site has been compromised beyond recovery, we can assist with re-building the site and offering alternative hosting should this be required.

Please contact us today if you are concerned at all about your wordpress website.