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Filesharing: Dropbox vs Syncplicity – Recent Poor Reports of Dropbox

If you are already a user of file-sharing and back-up services like Syncplicity or Dropbox – you’ll know how seamless and productive they make backing up and sharing information across people, offices and devices. Users of both these services are very pleased, although there have been poor reports of Dropbox recently.

One of the services provided by Sapien IT is file-sharing and file back-up. Our service is based on Syncplicity and we provide a managed Syncplicty service for our clients – it provides seamless cloud storage, automatic synchonisation, mobile device access, back-up and one click file sharing.

People often ask how do Syncplicity and Dropbox compare. Both services are very good and users of both are often very happy. The main difference though is that Syncplicity is felt to have the edge when it comes to business use. There is specifically a business edition which permits selecting folders to include and exclude for synchronisation, full file versioning and remote wipe.

Dropbox has recently had a security breach which seems symptomatic of it being less business focussed. Somehow usernames and passwords were obtained from the Dropbox website which has led to clients receiving spam. There is more on this here:-

As an aside from all the reports, there are recommendations to NOT use a small number of passwords across your cloud services. Password services like Lastpass make this easy to do.