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Get Your Ideal Mobile Friendly Responsive Website for Less Than £500

After Google’s recent change in its search algorithm, it’s now more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly, responsive website. is working with clients to create ideal, professional websites on WordPress for less than £500. For a long time, have been big advocates of WordPress […]

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Help! My WordPress site has been HACKED

If you run a website using WordPress, then you will be aware that due to it’s popularity and ease of use, it’s also a target for hackers. Sapien IT have been working with WordPress for over 5 years and have built up considerable experience and tools to […]

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Private Clouds

Private Clouds are being used to reduce concerns over where data is stored and who has access to the data.  Recent news regarding the “Prism Internet Surveillance” has increased interest in private clouds. What are Private Clouds? A private cloud allows you to have complete visibility and […]

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